C:\Users\ckilwy\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\M1WGTB90\disse[1].pngParent/Teacher Conferences, Friday, March 24 


  • Conferences are by appointment.  If you have not yet received an appointment notice, contact your child’s homeroom teacher ASAP.

  • Students in grades K5-4th may not attend the conferences and are not to be on campus or left in vehicles.  


Upper School: conferences located in the Peace Auditorium

  • No Appointments Necessary

    • 1st Session:  7:30 – 10:30am

    • 2nd Session:  12 Noon – 3:30pm

  • 5 – 10 Minute Conferences As Needed

    • If you need longer, a separate appointment can be set with the teacher

    • First come, first served.  Wait your turn in seats in front of teacher you want to talk to; move up as others ahead finish


All Grade Levels:  

    • Accounts must be current to receive report card

    • Conferences are MANDATORY.  

    • Students in grades 5th – 12th are to attend the conference with parent(s).  Attendance will be taken.  

    • No telephone conferences

    • ELS will be available with reservation for FBA students ages13 and under.  Students staying in ELS will need to bring a sack lunch as no hot lunch will be available.

    • Hang Time will not be available. 

    • Report cards do not need to be returned.  


Enrollment Verification

Remember to turn in your Enrollment Verification Form along with Enrollment Fees**. 

Open Enrollment for new families begins Monday, February 27, 2017 at 9am

Grade Level

*Enrollment Fee

3 day 3 Years Old-T/W/T


5 day 3 Years Old


K4–Half Day


Kindergarten–Full Day




6th -7th-8th 




*ENROLLMENT FEE is due at time of enrollment and is non-refundable.

ENROLLMENT FEE For returning families - you may pay 1/3 at the time of enrollment, 1/3 in March and the remaining 1/3 by April 27th.

**3/K4 MATERIALS FEE:  3/K4 students are assessed a materials fee of $40.00.

**K5 – 12th Grade Gym Usage Fee of $30.00 per student.


Upcoming Events

2/27 - Open Enrollment Begins

3/24 - K5-12th Parent Conferences*

              School Closed/ELS open

           *5th -12th grade Students must attend

3/31 - Spirit Day

3/31 - Golden Eagle Silent Auction

             3:30pm - 7pm

4/7 - Spirit Day

4/13 - Resurrection Celebrations

              3s & K4 10:30

              K5-6th 2:45pm

4/14 - Good Friday

              School/ELS Closed